Thursday, December 18, 2008


Two childhood friends who are stuck for ideas concerning their dwindling cash supply resort to making a porno film, but soon realise their true feelings for each other.

This film is probably one of the very few exceptions in the genre of rom-coms, for the reason that it is actually watchable by guys and indeed that it is a pretty hilarious movie! It had me in stitches for a good one hour, the story is unique and the acting is great especially from Rogen and Justin Long who plays a hilarious if short role. The laughs fell off towards the end and the romance took over slightly too much which felt rather unbalanced which in turn let it turn into more of a romance than a comedy. This was this films worst point for me and I felt disappointed when the credits rolled that it wasn't finished up in a better way, perhaps with a tad more comedy and perhaps with some of the loose ends tied up. Apart from this aspect everything else about this movie rocked! It was extremely laugh out loud the first hour, a few bits and pieces of full-frontal nudity and sex scenes were also a welcome addition but didn't play too big a role to make it feel seedy. A great watch for a few laughs albeit a fairly disappointing ending.

Pros - Heaps and heaps of laughs for the first hour, sex and nudity a plenty! Awesome acting throughout both from a porno perspective and that of film :P some of the best parts are when the classic porno stereotype is ripped off! A great comedy with just enough romance to make it not too soppy.

Cons - The ending! I don't know what happened, they maybe ran out of funding so could finish it up as they wanted, got lazy or didn't know how to finish it, i don't know, it just didn't seem right. Hardly any comedy present and bucket loads of puppy romance was a disappointment, and then the abrupt ending which leaves you with questions and no answers. Luckily enough this movie is still worth the watch for some of the classic laughs during the first hour which is the only thing that keeps this one afloat for me. Give it a watch, guys will love the first half, chicks will love the win i guess!

3.5/5 Jandals = A porno with plot!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just happened to stumble upon this article and found it so interesting and indeed true! I had often noticed this with my girlfriend after watching 'rom-coms' with her, both from movies and the awful drama series she watches (im so dead now!) and found that she would note how wonderful their clothes were or how romantic and elegant their weddings were (all highly unrealistic of course). This of course worried me as to how i could afford let alone organise all these wonderful things seen in the realm of movie land. I was also concerned at whether or not women actually realise events like these that happen in movies don't actually happen in real life! (Even more dead now! lol).

"Films do capture the excitement of new relationships but they also wrongly suggest that trust and committed love exist from the moment people meet, whereas these are qualities that normally take years to develop." (BBC News, 2008).

So basically this is just one more reason why people shouldn't go and see rom-coms, not only are they usually always complete crap they could also ruin your love life, currently or in the future. Stick to horror or zombie movies which will in turn make you appreciate what you have in your relationships, while at the same time letting you realise how fortunate enough you are to not be living amongst the walking dead.

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SAW V - Crime/Horror/Thriller (2008) ***REVIEW***

Two detectives become entangled during investigations into ongoing occurrences of what seem to be the Jigsaw murders.

Before i saw this i had heard a heap of negative commentary and while watching through Saw V it became apparent that it was pretty much all true! I realised after watching this movie that it had none of the intelligent plot and script of the first couple and had none of the amazing gore and ingenious murdering contraptions of the latter Saw films. What was left over was a dabble of predictable crime drama that would look right at home in any CSI type crime/drama series. It was peppered throughout with a few bits and pieces of gore which just, and only JUST kept you watching enough to not get completely bored out of your mind. Although unlike previous Saw films the imagination and down right evilness of the contraptions was severely lacking and came across as if they are fast running out of ideas which doesn't bode well for 'Saw VI' if it does get released at all. For me anyway i think the Saw series has gone way past its used by date and in my mind has consistently gotten worse since the amazing Saw I. Give this is a watch if your bored on a rainy day and you feel like wasting some time and perhaps some money on a rental.

Pros - As usual a tad of blood and gore and slightly interesting death contraptions, but don't expect it to be a better film than any previous ones. The acting was fairly good and seemed better coming from some of the lesser known amongst the cast but then again this isn't sufficient to make this movie even remotely good.

Cons - A complete lack of imagination in terms of death contraptions etc makes Saw V out to be an elaborate and expensive version of a CSI episode. Take away the 'thrill' and the 'horror' and you are left with Saw V sprinkled with a dash of crime and a hint of mystery... hardly the Saw that we have come to expect.

1/5 Jandals = The 6th better be good. Can't get much worse

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

THE X-FILES - I WANT TO BELIEVE - Mystery/Sci-Fi (2008) ***REVIEW***

Mulder and Skully are back! This time following the psychic visions of a priest which may lead to the finding of a missing FBI agent.

Well this movie will certainly bore the socks off anyone who never really got into the whole 'X-Files' series, although if you are a fan of X-Files you will most likely enjoy this film. The thing is although i never really got obsessed over the original X-Files series i did enjoy watching them back when i was about 10 ish or so and with this in mind i was absolutely bored throughout the whole of this movie. I can presume that big fans of X-Files will enjoy this but not being one of them it will just be a presumption and may miss the fact that this movie is terrible from both the perspective of big fans and from casual movie goers. The acting is fairly good though and at times feels wasted on such a boring, non-supernatural and indeed non-X-Files script. I would really give this one a miss, unless of course your a big fan then go right ahead! If you must see this film please wait for the DVD release as to avoid wasting your hard earned money.

Pros - Good acting from most the main cast, Billy Connolly did a great performance with what he had to work with and added a bit of spice to the otherwise plain and dull script. All other aspects concerned, this wasn't the best film i had seen and am struggling to think of some more positives to note here, alas none are forthcoming.

Cons - Just plain boring, even the shocking events that unfold towards the end don't suffice enough and seem to be planted there merely for their shock value. Simply put poor script and plot and is just a painfully boring movie to watch. If your a big fan though i am presuming you will like this flick, but even i find hard to imagine anyone could sit through this and not find it a tad dull. I wanted to believe that i didnt waste my time watching this, lol.

1.5/5 Jandals = Excellent aid for those who have trouble sleeping

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